Show your parks MULCH love!

This National Public Lands Day we’re excited to host 36 park projects across Austin—that’s 10 more than last year! We’re looking for 900 volunteers to join us on Saturday, September 27 to lend a hand and show our parks some love.

One theme you’ll see year round in our park projects is mulch. More than just a decorative accent for parks and front yards, mulch plays an important role in keeping our trees happy and healthy. By helping to keep the ground moist and preventing lawn mowers from damaging tree trunks, mulch plays an important role in tree care. And as the Central Texas drought continues it is more important than ever to protect our trees!

What’s involved in a mulch project?
Mulching projects include shoveling mulch into mulch sleds or wheelbarrows, pulling mulch sleds or pushing wheelbarrows to designated trees, spreading mulch to the dripline of each tree using rakes, and root collar clearing (digging out around roots and tree trunks to help them breathe), so there are jobs for every volunteer and a project leader to guide the way. The more volunteers come out to help, the faster the project is completed!

Register today for one of these mulching projects:

Every volunteer will receive a limited-edition National Public Lands Day Austin t-shirt and an invitation to our after party, complete with refreshments, lunch, and a chance to win tickets to Austin City Limits Music Festival! Don’t miss out, register today at:

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