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We believe that the success of the Austin parks system depends on the support, assistance, advocacy and enthusiasm of the public as stewards of their parks.

The goal of the Adopt-A-Park Program is to build a sense of community pride and ownership around every neighborhood park. Adopt-A-Park is a collaborative partnership between Austin Parks & Recreation (PARD) and Austin Parks Foundation (APF) to build community and stewardship at neighborhood parks throughout Austin.

The program supports and champions a growing network of groups caring and advocating for neighborhood parks.

PARD and APF work closely with Adopt-A-Park groups to build capacity and support the amazing work they do. Park Adopters serve as key community representatives for the park by organizing a community-based volunteer group and making an ongoing commitment to improving their park.

Park Adopters also promote community ownership, encourage the enthusiasm and passion of neighbors and park users, and ultimately bring greater effectiveness, innovation and creativity to the park system.

For Prospective Park Adopters

Most City of Austin parks are adoptable, however a few exclusions apply. Currently undeveloped parks, and metro parks are not available. If you’d like to adopt a greenbelt or nature preserve, please contact John Rooney for details.

Otherwise – our list of parks that you can adopt today is in the google map below. Once you’ve selected a park you’re interested in, email us with your name or community group name, the best phone and email address to at which we can reach you, and the name of the park you’d like to adopt.

Ideal park adopters are regular park users, neighborhood groups and nearby residents who are interested in improving their park. Read more about the process in the Adopt-A-Park Handbook

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Above all, park adopters enjoy a sense of pride in championing their parks! PARD considers park adopters a key stakeholder for the park, and provides opportunities and support for volunteer maintenance and park improvement projects.  Additionally, park adopters are eligible for certain resources provided by APF such as tools, educational opportunities and grant opportunities. Read more about the program in the Adopt-A Park-Handbook.

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We work with groups of all sizes, and the time and volunteer commitment may vary. In general, we ask that park adopters participate in at least one of our bi-annual It’s My Park Day events (First Saturday in March and November), as well as commit to being the main point of contact for the park for at least one year.

We also ask that the group allows anyone who wants to participate in the park adopter group to do so without requiring dues or having other membership barriers.

The Adopt-A-Park Program is a partnership between you, the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department, and Austin Parks Foundation. We’ve put together some helpful information including key contacts and resources in our Adopt-A-Park handbook.

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Please review the Adopt-A-Park Handbook (above) and then visit our online application!
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For Current Park Adopters

The Austin City Limits Music Festival Park Grants Program provides direct financial support to volunteers who have signed on as Park Adopters. Visit our Austin City Limits Music Festival Park Grants Program page to learn more

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We have hundreds of tools that may be borrowed for park improvement projects year-round by volunteer groups and park adopters.

Visit our Tool Warehouse page to learn more.

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Austin Parks Foundation can manage funds for park projects to help community groups improve their local parks. The Sponsored Fund Account program is another way APF is able to provide community groups with the tools they need to claim stewardship of their local parks. Visit our Sponsored Fund Account page to learn more

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