Project Archive: Reclaimed Water Irrigation

Project Archive: Reclaimed Water Irrigation 2017-07-11T11:08:05+00:00

Project Description

Solar-Powered, Reclaimed Water Irrigation System

In 2012 Austin Parks Foundation funded the installation of a solar-powered, reclaimed water irrigation system in West Austin Park. The first of its kind in Austin’s parks, the off-grid irrigation system uses less water to keep the park trees alive. Other benefits include decreasing wastewater discharges and reducing and preventing pollution.

Water Design

APF supports water conservation through park design; including landscape design, mulching, rain gardens and native, drought-tolerant habitat restoration.

By supporting our over 100 park adopter groups with tools, grants, expertise and design instruction, through programs like our Park Improvement Education Series, APF and our partners continue to reduce water needs citywide in hundreds of parks every year.

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