#ACLRocks Day 8 – Ramsey Park

Ramsey Park has served the central Austin community since the early 1940s. With a playground, baseball field, basketball court, tennis court and pool, Ramsey has attracted families and individuals for decades. Unfortunately, Ramsey Park had fallen into disrepair over the years.

In 2013 the Rosedale Neighborhood Association laid out a master plan for Ramsey that includes laying new pathways, resurfacing the tennis courts, covering the basketball court with a new shade structure, integrating a natural play area, adding climbing equipment, installing new picnic tables, creating a new limestone amphitheater and more. APF pledged $50,000 from our ACL Music Festival Grants program, and the City of Austin Parks and Recreation as well as the Public Works Neighborhood Partnering Program have been instrumental in completing Phase 1.

Thanks to ACL Music Festival, yet another well-loved, though under-maintained, park is now getting the attention and care it deserves.