#ACLRocks Day 6 – Dottie Jordan Park

Named after an AISD orchestra teacher, Dottie Jordan Park, Pool and Recreation Center is just off 183 and Manor Rd. Interested in the park, Miss Jordan first spoke to City Council in 1972 when the park was threatened with a plan to build condominiums. The City of Austin purchased the 11.5 acres of parkland that comprises the park in November of 1973.

Since then Dottie Jordan Park has seen some hard times. Little Walnut Creek runs just south of the park, and the park suffered extensive flood damage from the creek on Memorial Day 1981. Later, the recreation center was expanded for ADA improvements, but was severely damaged by a  January 2002 arson-fire.

In 2007, Austin Parks Foundation was able to lend a hand to the dedicated neighbors who have adopted Dottie Jordan Park. With one of our ACL Music Festival Grants, Dottie Jordan Park was able to add a large pavilion, entry way landscaping, more trash cans to support the many community events held at the park, and new signage. Additionally, work has been done to clear the creek banks of brush and trash, extend the walking trail, and add more tables and benches to the park, all thanks to the ambitious efforts of the park’s neighbors and the generosity of ACL Music Festival.