#ACLRocks Day 5 – Franklin Park

Franklin Park, which is in the 78744 area, was in dire straits. The surrounding neighborhood was the site of the highest level of juvenile crime in the county, and Franklin Park was an unsuitable area for neighborhood youth and families to spend their time. The Adopt-A-Park Leaders for Franklin wanted to change that.

“Our park adoption team has committed to reclaiming our neighborhood, and we are starting with Franklin Park. Our goal is to enhance the safety of our streets, enhance our neighborhood park and activate it with programs and activities for youth and adults. Our vision for our park is to have a well-lit, multi-family, multi-generational space with amenities for all ages.”

Once again, the ACL Music Festival Grants Program was able to help. With $13,000, compliments of ACL Music Festival and Austin Parks Foundation, Franklin Park now boasts infrastructure and safety improvements, outdoor ping-pong tables, new picnic tables and benches, new landscaping and repaired water fountains. The park is now a place the community can share, and the Adopt-A-Park leader’s vision has become a reality.