#ACLRocks Day 2 – Walnut Creek Metro Park

In our second installment of #ACLRocks we wanted to take you on a trip to Walnut Creek Metro Park. Situated near the intersection of N Lamar and Parmer, this beloved stretch of green space has been the site of many Austin Parks Foundation projects over the years, and thanks to ACL Music Festival we have been able to invest thousands of dollars into this neighborhood oasis.Specifically through our ACL Music Festival Grants Program.

This program has allowed APF to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars all over Austin. From tiny pocket parks to large metro parks and grand park overhauls, the ACL Music Festival Grants Program is one of our most effective efforts in accomplishing our mission to improve and maintain Austin’s 300+ parks, trails and open spaces.

At Walnut Creek, it was an ACL Music Festival Grant that allowed us to put in new trail signage, bicycle repair stations, water fountains, rinse stations, picnic tables and park benches. The pool has also benefitted from the grants program with an enlarged pool deck, and new shade structures.

Today, Walnut Creek Metro Park is safer and more developed than it has ever been before – thanks to ACL Music Festival.


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