#ACLRocks Day 10 – The Finale – Dove Springs District Park

Not so long ago, Dove Springs District Park was viewed as unsafe, and parents drove across the city to give their children a safe, clean, outdoor play area. Less than a quarter mile from Dove Springs Park, Mendez Middle School ranked number 1 in juvenile obesity out of all Austin Independent School District schools, and set a record for the amount of children who failed the state required Fitness Gram exams. Committed to changing this, the Dove Springs community rallied around their park.

Today, thanks to ACL Music Festival with support from the Dove Springs residents, the St. David’s Foundation, PARD, Go Austin Vamos Austin and other partners, Dove Springs District Park is bustling with activity. Now, an area that has the highest child obesity rate in the county sees children flocking to a brand new zip line, spending hours on a state-of-the-art play scape and connecting with nature in new ways. Dove Springs Park has become one of Austin’s premiere play areas.

Successes like these, where citizens, community organizations and the city come together to create a welcoming green space, are at the heart of what we do at the Austin Parks Foundation. With the generous support of ACL Music Festival we have been able to offer resources, programming, and support to hundreds of parks all over Austin. Our goal has been to give every child in Austin access to a safe place to play, every citizen a place to commune with nature, and make sure every park reflects the love this city has for green, open space. With ACL we’re achieving it.