#ACLRocks Day 1 – The Butler Boardwalk

Now that we’ve kicked off ACL with our first-ever Party for the Parks, we wanted to do something special for one of our most generous partners. Every day of ACL we’ll tell you why #ACLRocks, and give you some deeper insight into how they’re helping us accomplish our work. We thought we’d start with a project that every Austinite knows about, but maybe didn’t know ACL helped us accomplish – the Butler Boardwalk.

In 2014, ACL Music Festival helped us put $150,000 toward extending the Anne and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail. The project, spearheaded by our friends at the Trail Foundation, features over 300 piers, 2,200 pre-cast concrete deck planks, 13,000 LED lights, 1.3 million pounds of structural steel, 7 viewing areas, an ADA accessible pier, and a new trailhead restroom along the 7,250 foot boardwalk that reaches across I-35 and ends near Lakeshore Blvd and Pleasant Valley. ACL Music Festival’s generosity has helped significantly expand the trail for all Austinites, and made beautiful views of Lady Bird Lake that much more accessible to citizens and visitors alike.


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