Austin City Limits Music Festival’s Impact on Austin Parks

2010 marks the fifth year that the Austin Parks Foundation has benefited from ticket sales to the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Since 2006, we have received $2.34 M targeted towards park improvement projects. Among the projects completed or underway are:

  • $400,000 for improvements to Republic Square, including tree care and planting, berm removal, irrigation and grass installation and design and construction of the 4,100 square-foot deck.
  • $100,000 for tree care, tree planting and irrigation system installation and maintenance in and around Barton Springs Pool.  (To date, we have spent $26,000 for irrigation system installation and the planting of 78 trees.  The larger part of the funds will be used  this winter and spring.)
  • $16,000 for tree work, irrigation system installation, mulch, plants, benches and trash cans for Brush Square in downtown Austin.
  • $500,000 for the first of five annual payments to the City of Austin for the Zilker Great Lawn Project completed in 2009.

In addition, we have funded 84 projects awarded to volunteer community groups that have adopted parks and work with us to maintain and improve their neighborhood parks.  As part of our park grants requirements, our community groups have raised an additional $575,227 in matching funds for their projects.  For further information, read the full article here.

For a listing all grants given since 2001 (Austin City Limits grants began in 2007) please visit our park grants page. Any community group who has adopted a city of Austin park site can apply for a grant. Deadlines are September 30 and May 30 of each year.

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