About Us

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Austin Parks Foundation (APF) is a non-profit organization devoted to building public-private partnerships to develop and maintain parks, trails, and open space in Austin and Travis County.

Our mission is to connect people to resources and partnerships to develop and improve parks in and around Austin.

Since 1992, we have been committed to making Austin’s 300+ parks, trails and green spaces better for everyone. From volunteer workdays (both large and small scale), to park activation programming, to large capital improvement projects, APF has been at the center of promoting park development, maintenance, accessibility and improvements in Austin and Travis county.


Colin Wallis
Colin Wallis
Call: 512-387-3006
Allison Watkins
Allison Watkins
Chief Strategy Officer
Call or text: 512-387-2995
Jayna Burgdorf
Jayna Burgdorf
Chief Financial Officer
Call: 512-477-1566
Ladye Anne Wofford
Ladye Anne Wofford
Programs Director
Call: 512-387-3023
Shelley Hardeman
Shelley Hardeman
Development Director
Call: 512-277-5932

Our Team

Bill Stout
Bill Stout
Volunteer Manager & Environmental Educator
Call: 512-387-3021
Cynthia Rodriguez
Cynthia Rodriguez
Outreach Coordinator & Community Organizer
Call or text: 512-387-2998
John Rooney
John Rooney
Programs Coordinator
Call or text: 512-387-2996
Katie Robillard, PLA
Katie Robillard, PLA
Park Developer
Call: 512-253-7610
Rachel Carneglia
Rachel Carneglia
Marketing Manager
Call or text: 512-387-2944
Sue Fletcher
Sue Fletcher
Call: 512-387-2994
Vanessa Linn
Vanessa Linn
Office Manager
Call or text: 512-477-1566

Board of Directors


Sara Marler
Margaret Menicucci
Vice President
Anna Stepan
Michael McGill

Board Members

Ford Alexander
Jim Alsup
Laura Cortez
Monica Fernandes

Rich Garza
Ryan Gravelle
Tim Hendricks
Glee Ingram

Stuart Laves
Jen Ohlson
Chip Pate
Max Rutherford


Bill Talbot
Greg Weaver
Ralph Webster


Fiscal Information

At Austin Parks Foundation we pride ourselves on reinvesting the most of every dollar back into the community. We accomplish this by being responsible stewards in managing our financial resources, including being effective and efficient in our operations and having extensive Board oversight. Learn more about our fiscal responsibility below.