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A non-profit established in 1992, APF fills the city’s funding and resource gap needed to develop, maintain and enhance the area’s 300+ parks, trails and green spaces. APF fosters innovative public/private partnerships and since 2006, has given over $2.5 million in community-initiated grants in service to the greater Austin community. APF is known for its annual flagship volunteer event, It’s My Park Day, and is a presenting partner and beneficiary of the popular Austin City Limits Music Festival at Zilker Metropolitan Park.

We believe our public parkland should be preserved and maintained. We believe all Austinites, regardless of where they live, have the right to safe, accessible parks. We believe access to free recreation will make our city healthy and vibrant for years to come. And we believe that citizens should be able to actively come together to improve their parks, and therefore their neighborhoods.

Austin Parks Foundation (APF) is dedicated to partnering with our community to enhance people’s lives by making our public parks, trails and green spaces better through volunteerism, innovative programming, advocacy and financial support.

Jayna Burgdorf
Jayna Burgdorf
Chief Financial Officer
Call: 512-477-1566
Rachel Carneglia
Rachel Carneglia
Marketing Manager
Call or text: 512-387-2944
Adrienne Dever
Adrienne Dever
Events Coordinator
Call: 512-477-1566
Sue Fletcher
Sue Fletcher
Call: 512-387-2994
Shelley Hardeman
Shelley Hardeman
Development Director
Call: 512-277-5932
Vanessa Linn Hillis
Vanessa Linn Hillis
Office Manager
Call or text: 512-477-1566
Kathleen Mannello
Kathleen Mannello
Community Engagement Manager
Call: 512-477-1566
Katie Robillard, PLA
Katie Robillard, PLA
Park Developer
Call: 512-253-7610
Cynthia Rodriguez
Cynthia Rodriguez
Outreach Coordinator & Community Organizer
Call or text: 512-387-2998
John Rooney
John Rooney
Programs Coordinator
Call or text: 512-387-2996
Liz Rush-Smyth
Liz Rush-Smyth
Development Operations Manager
Call or text: 512-477-1566
Colin Wallis
Colin Wallis
Call: 512-387-3006
Allison Watkins
Allison Watkins
Chief Strategy Officer
Call or text: 512-387-2995
Ladye Anne Wofford
Ladye Anne Wofford
Chief Mission Officer
Call: 512-387-3023

Press Inquiries

Members of the media are invited to contact us by email at press@austinparks.org. Please let us know if you’re working on a deadline. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Board of Directors


Margaret Menicucci
Ford Alexander
Vice Chair
Anna Stepan
Stuart Laves

Board Members

Barbara Austin
Doug Wolfe
Greg Weaver
Jen Ohlson
Laura Cortez
Matthew Dow
Max Rutherford
Monica Fernandes
Rich Garza
Ryan Gravelle
Sara Marler
Michael McGill

Past Board Members

In recognition of our 25th anniversary, we want to recognize all the individuals who have helped us get to this milestone. We have not captured every name over our 25-year history, so if you see a past board memeber we are missing, please email us at apf@austinparks.org.

Adrian Rhae Fowler
Azie Taylor Morton
Barbara Matijevich
Beverly Griffith
Bill Talbot
Bob Richardson
Bradley Seals
Brian Block
Brian Dolezal
Carlton Schwab
Charles Kreutz
Charles Riou
Chip Pate
Chris Riley
Claire Sorenson
Cord Shiflet
Dale Glover
Daniel Woodroffe
David Adair
David Erickson
Dean Rindy
DeWitt Gayle
Diana Granger
Donald DeGrasse
Earl Broussard
ErmaLinda Cruz-Torres

Glee Ingram
Griffin Davis
Hayden Brooks
Jacqui Schraad
James Crump
Jamil Alam
Jay Barnes
Jeb Boyt
Jill Nokes
Jim Alsup
Jim Cooper
Jody Hughes
John Howard
Lance Thompson
Larry Joines
Les Gage
Les Pittman
Lori Moreno
Maria Shelton
Mark Nibbelink
Mary Herman
Mary E. Thompson
Milo Burdette
Nancy Bowman
Nikelle Meade
Patrick Apodaca

Paul Carrozza
Paul Wilson
Philip C Friday
Ralph Webster
Rich DePalma
Roberta Crenshaw
Ron Ford
Ron Olivera
Rosemary Castleberry
Roy D Pool
Sania Shifferd
Sara Beechner
Sara Leon
Sherri Kuhl
Shirley Deininger
Sinclair Black
Steve Younkman
Stuart Strong
Ted Siff
Terry Mitchell
Thomas Sedberry
Thomas Twombly
Tommi Ferguson
Veronica Briseño
Warren Struss

Fiscal Information

At Austin Parks Foundation we pride ourselves on reinvesting the most of every dollar back into the community. We accomplish this by being responsible stewards in managing our financial resources, including being effective and efficient in our operations and having extensive Board oversight. Learn more about our fiscal responsibility below.