APF Celebrates 100th Park Adopter

Welcome to our 100th Park Adopter, Wooldridge School Park!

With the addition of Wooldridge School Park, Austin Parks Foundation reached a huge milestone: our 100th park adopter! Wooldridge School Park, located in North Austin, sits adjacent to Wooldridge Elementary School. Other nearby parks include Quail Creek Neighborhood Park, Ron Rigsby Pocket Park and Payton Gin Pocket Park. All of which are also adopted!

John and Cynthia filling in the last few spaces on the Adopt-A-Park goal thermometer

Last summer, our programs team set out to reach a goal of 100 Adopt-A-Park groups. With a special focus on the city’s historically underserved and parkland deficient neighborhoods, we’re proud to have reached that goal and then some!

Every one of our park adopter groups help APF to continue our mission of improving and maintaining Austin’s parkland. From It’s My Park Day to monthly volunteer work days, park adopters help us and the City of Austin’s Parks & Recreation Department to improve parks all over the city.

Why Be a Park Adopter?

In addition to being key stakeholders in the future of these neighborhood parks, there are lots of perks that come with being a park adopter. Access to our tools, educational opportunities such as the Adopt-A-Park summit, our design services program and grant opportunities, just to name a few.

The Adopt-A-Park program is focused on connecting communities to their neighborhood and local parks. Through a collaboration with Austin Parks and Recreation Department, the program creates a network of people around Austin that are motivated to improve and advocate for their parks.

Congrats to the new adopters and our programs team for reaching this milestone. And a HUGE thank you to each and every one of our Adopt-A-Park groups for taking a leadership role in making their parks better for our community!

Learn More

If you, your neighborhood group, co-workers or friends are thinking of adopting a park, contact us! We can give you all the details about adopting your park, or connect you with an existing group. Check out our Adopt-A-Park page for more information.

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