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Pease District Park

Covers 42.00 acres

1100 Kingsbury St., 78703

Barbeque Pits - 2.00
Basketball Courts - 2.00
Multipurpose Fields - 1.00
Picnic Tables - 39.0
Playgrounds - 1.00
Reservable Facilities - 2.00 (info)
Splash Pad - 1.00
Volleyball Courts - 3.00

Part of the Shoal Creek Greenbelt, Pease is a great place to hold a really big BBQ, host a birthday party, or walk your dog.

New Trees at Pease ParkScraping the Restroom Building at PeaseSplash pad at Pease ParkKids in the parkMale neon skimmerGreat blue skimmerYou just never know what you\'re going to find in A-town...Splash Pad - Under the Bubble

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The park has extensive playground equipment and a sprayground. It is also a popular site for various Austin festivals; both the Jazz Festival and Eeyore's Birthday Party are held at Pease Park.